Not your average investment fund

Working together we can access greater investment opportunities with higher returns

Our mission is to bridge main street and wall street, bringing investment grade opportunities to everyday people through tokenized investments in collateralized assets on the blockchain.


Crowd Capital Partners is a first of its kind decentralized investment fund, running on blockchain technology to empower a wide range of people across the world to earn money through collateralized asset investment. This technology allows us to provide complete transparency and immutability to our global network of investors while also leveraging smart contracts to streamline operations and transactions. Unique to our network is an integrated voting system that will allow all investors to have a voice in where the fund invests capital.

To achieve these three customer centric goals we had to approach capital raising completely differently. We will use a Securitized Token Offering as the primary investment vehicle for the fund to power transparency and immutability for each token holder through a distributed ledger, to allow for a true global footprint outside todays hamstrung financial markets, and to give everyone a voice. Doing so enables us to harness the power of blockchain and smart contract technology, while also offering security and a say to our investors. We are building Crowd Capital Partners to be a global investment fund that allows people from anywhere in the world to participate regardless of their base fiat currency. We will ensure that everyone who purchases tokens are in accordance with their local laws and that we satisfy required Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols.

The Crowd Capital Partners ecosystem is powered by our own private blockchain to give our investors a customer centric investing experience. By registering all transactions in the distributed ledger, we can ensure both transparency of information and true immutability, as it is virtually impossible to change or remove data without being detected by others.

Through smart contracts we are able to significantly reduce any potential for human error and take the middle man out of the equation to execute transactions seamlessly. Whether that is originating a project or paying token holder dividends, only smart contracts are capable of managing with the complexity of executing microtransactions from funds collected from our token holders. This streamlining of operations will inherently reduce our cost to operate and let us focus on what matters, making you money.

Finally, token holders will have a voice in how the fund is invested. Any token holder can vote “for” or “against” financing a project. The weight of each token holder’s vote is proportional to their current token balance and the total tokens sold.


Alfredo Campana


Blockchain expert and serial software entrepreneur, Alfredo has spent the last 14+ years innovating across various domains in North and South America.
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Christian Rotter


Christian is a strategy and operations executive specialized in value creation and growth. With 12 plus years of experience in turning around large-scale organizations,
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