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Crowd Capital was founded to make the world a better place while satisfying people’s pragmatic desire to make money. Through a unique approach towards collateralized asset investment, Crowd Capital’s mission is to provide everyone, around the world, regardless of net worth or geography, access to opportunities to create wealth while making a difference.

Investment Philosophy

Crowd Capital is committed to the concept of the Double Bottom Line. Proving social returns are not at the expense of solid financial returns, the Founders Fund looks to work with delinquent homeowners in underserviced areas to keep them in their homes while alternative solutions are worked out.

Lower Risk
The Founders Fund is comprised of a diverse blend of performing and non-performing residential real estate notes of varying durations, risk profiles and yield profiles, from across the country. Focusing on collateralized assets, in the form of residential real estate notes provides safety and stability while still netting promising returns for the fund. Using a data driven due diligence approach that takes into account both the notes themselves, and the borrowers, the fund benefits from a wide stream of income opportunities. While some notes will be purchased for their steady ongoing income or their resale appreciation, the fund is uniquely positioned to capitalize on non-performing notes. Through a comprehensive borrower evaluation process, and subsequent remediation process, Crowd Capital specializes in converting these riskier notes into re-performing ones, all while keeping the homeowners in their homes.

When dealing with Socially Responsible Investing, it is important that people know their money is being put to good use in the way they intended. Investors can see the full impact of their investment in real time through a blockchain based Investor Dashboard with up to date rehabilitation statistics and financial metrics. Accessible through both native and web-based versions, this distributed ledger provides a true and verifiable record of each and every transaction.

The Tools We Use

Powered by its own private blockchain, the Crowd Capital Ecosystem was designed to provide transparency for all financial and social impact transactions. Through a true and verifiable record of each and every transaction in the form of a blockchain based distributed ledger, investors can feel confident that their investments are secure. Feeding directly into the investor dashboard from the distributed ledger, Investors will have access to all pertinent financial and social metrics.

Smart Contracts
Through extensive use of smart contracts, the Crowd Capital Ecosystem is able to significantly reduce human error and cost, by taking the middle man out of the equation when executing transactions. With the ability to record all terms and conditions in explicit detail in a manner available to all parties, smart contracts bring an unparalleled level of accuracy and transparency. Effectively automating the transaction process, through a fully encrypted channel, smart contracts are secure and efficient.

Machine Learning
Crowd Capital’s Machine Learning Risk Mitigation Engine works to build a risk profile for investments within the targeted asset class to maximize returns and further limit potential downside exposure. It will mine proprietary data sets to help identify patterns that are difficult for humans to see and run real time simulations to help make strategic investment decisions. This will support the due diligence of the targeted assets and provide leading and lagging indicators to assess and reduce the risk of the investments already entered.


CEO and Co-founder Christian Rotter
Christian Rotter

CEO & Co-founder

Christian is a strategy and operations executive specialized in value creation and growth. With 12 plus years of experience in turning around large-scale organizations,
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Benjamin Smolen
Benjamin Smolen

Project Manager

Benjamin is a project manager specializing in operations. Benjamin brings with him internship experience across commercial real estate development and telecommunications providers both domestic and abroad.
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Co-founder Alfredo Campana
Alfredo Campana


Blockchain expert and serial software entrepreneur, Alfredo has spent the last 14+ years innovating across various domains in North and South America.
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Bill Feidt
William N. (Bill) Feidt


Bill has deep expertise in finance and technology with a strong track record of establishing an environment of financial controls and discipline.
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